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Who is DE Employment Solutions?

DE Employment Solutions was founded by Eric Midder Sr after thinking about how difficult finding a job truly can be. Having gone through several major company mergers restructures and layoffs in the DC area he decided to put together his plan to help others nationwide by starting DEES. There were so many scenarios that he felt this kind of service could add value: Employed people who are looking for a new position, Employed people relocating because of a spouse/partner move, College kids looking for jobs in their new college town, Parents (or spouses/partners) looking to help boost the career search for an unemployed loved one and of course the unemployed.

With so much time and effort required he felt like being able to offload some of that would be a huge relief to those who are trying to juggle so much with seemingly so little time in the day. There are more products and features to come and he looks forward to helping as many people as possible in as many ways as possible! He has assembled a highly skilled team of people to assist him with this endeavor, without whom, this would still just be an idea.

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What makes DE Employment Solutions different?

One of the biggest challenges in finding a new job is the first layer of the process. Most of us already work full time and when you couple that with the time we spend on various activities both before and after work it can be very difficult to carve time out for the search and apply process. If you know what kind of jobs you want to apply for and you know what cities you would like to work, the DEES team will run those searches for you and apply for those positions on your behalf. After each application we will send you a copy of the job description so when your potential new employer calls or emails you will be well prepared for the next steps in the hiring process. Spend that hour in the gym, take that cooking class, enjoy watching your family's activities or just relax and recover from your work day while we focus on getting that first piece done for you! .

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