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Resume Services

Send us your resume and receive a full resume analysis in two business days. Spelling, grammar, and content will be examined by one of our resume specialists and you will receive a recommended revision checklist at no charge.

If you would like to hire us to perform the updates, we will work with you directly to make the recommended changes and you will also receive a cover letter and reference page.

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Job Application Services

We will search for and apply to jobs using the provided criteria and contact information in your order form. You will receive email confirmations from the prospective employers letting you know they received your application.

You will also receive a screenshot of the job description so you can prepare for the interview process.

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Consultation Services

Everything from career counseling to interview preparation to helping build/refine your professional social media presence.

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Leadership Mentoring

Leadership is a tool that requires sharpening just like every other skill in your toolkit. Meet and discuss how you can effectively change your style to meet the needs of the modern leader.

If you are new to leadership, discuss topics like going from peer to manager, being yourself, leadership vs managing and much much more.

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